Risk Management and Security Solutions for Emerging Markets

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Blackpanda is an elite, crisis management and security consulting group headquartered in Hong Kong, focused on serving the Asian market. We enable economic investment into high-risk, emerging markets by providing risk management solutions to clients across a variety of industries.

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Our Services

Crisis Management and Response

Companies operating in emerging markets are susceptible to security crises that can have potentially devastating impacts on their assets.  Blackpanda provides bespoke services and solutions that enable our clients to successfully prevent and navigate special risk crises resulting include threats from terrorist incidents, kidnapping, extortion, criminal elements, hostile sabotage, as well as cybersecurity breaches and incidents.

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Our Services

Security Consulting

Whether they are one-off security projects or long-term security strategy plans, Blackpanda consultants are able to provide our clients with a clear roadmap on how to incorporate security into their business and operational strategy.

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Our Services

Special Risks Platform

In order to provide a one-stop shop for risk management solutions to our clients, Blackpanda has committed itself to developing a special risks insurance platform.  Please stay tuned for updates on our special risks platform.

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